Neighbour Joe - May 2017 Net Worth

Something I bought for my son. :)

Here is my net worth at the beginning of the month.

A month into my journey, this is my first monthly update. This month I changed my TD Comfort Growth Fund and split it into two TD E-series Index Fund. It is now invested into both the Canada and the US equity TD E-series Index Fund. This lowered my MER from 1.6% to aprox 0.4%. Now I just have to setup my regular monthly contribution again. I also called my investment broker and have (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) DRIP setup on my investment account. However, I realized that I don't own enough share in any of my holdings to have it start working. Basically the dividend I am receiving isn't enough to buy one whole share of that stock.

Cash: $165
Savings: $5
TFSA Investment: $26,597.26
TFSA Mutual Fund: $3,657.77
Real Estate: $250,000

Mortgage: $163,520
LOC: $12,561.79

Net Worth
: $104,343.24 (-8%)

As you can see my net worth went down this month. It's because last month a lot of my calculation were an approximate value. This month I was more precise with my calculation. Another reason why my net worth dropped is because of the decrease in valuation of my house based on local market activities. I think I will continue to adjust the valuation of my house going forward, until someone shows me a better way. However, if you look my investment, they actually all went up compared to last month despite not making any contributions this month. During this coming month I am going to figure out the current value of my work pension and will add it into my assets. Remember to come check back next month to see my progress. 

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