Neighbour Joe - July 2017 Net Worth

First off, Happy Canada Day, its the 150 birthday for Canada this year.Well here is my update for July 2017. Here was what my net worth was last month.

Chequing: $5,121.62
TFSA Investment: $29,885.99
TFSA Mutual Fund: $3,558.30
Real Estate: $255,000

Work Pension: ~$153,000 (I checked but I can't remember the exact amount)
*Automobile is not included as I feel it depreciate too fast and will give a misrepresentation of my true net worth

Mortgage: $162,573.98
LOC: $12,282.32

*Credit Card is not included as it is paid in full every month

Last Month Net Worth 
Current Net Worth: $271,709.61 (+150%)

WOW! Yes my net worth got a huge boost this month, but in reality all that happened was that I figured out what my pension is worth currently. This month there will be a lot of money moving around as I am in the process of selling my current house, buying a new house and moving to a new province. This is the reason that there is a chunk of cash sitting in my chequing, I need cash for down payment for my new house. Anyway, i'll be very busy this coming month, but I will make a post this month about the potential increase in interest rate. 

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