My Investment Portfolio

As promised, here is my investment portfolio as of today.

As you can see I have made a few bad investment in my early days of investing. The last two stock in my portfolio were definitely not the smartest decision in my life. However they were all prior to my journey and I have personally learned a lot from making such bad investment decision. Most of the stock in my portfolio was only added this year. The majority of my portfolio is currently with a Canadian tech company call Shopify which has been super bullish since the beginning of the year. I am also invested into two Marijuana stock because I think once the legalization happens in Canada these company will get a huge boost in profits. My personal investment strategy right now is to buy and hold because I found that when I try to invest for short term gain I rarely turn a profit. I am also going to avoid energy stock and try to focus on sector that are less susceptible to global and political factor. I think stocks like Mastercard are excellent because for the foreseeable future the world will still be relying heavily on credits even if retail stores start moving online.

Anyway, I am not here to give advice or tips on which stock to invest into. This post is to give you a better idea of my investment so that when I do my monthly update you can see why the numbers are what they are. One last thing, my portfolio currently generates around $300 in passive income annually.

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