Market is performing poorly, what should you do?

For those that have been following the market lately, you'll know that this past week it dropped significantly. All major index in North America were seeing double-digit percentage drop, Warren Buffet's net worth dropped by 11 billion dollars as a result.

So if you are looking at investing or have invested what should you do. The answer is don't panic and keep investing. Here is a quote from the guy who just lost 11 billion dollars.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”― Warren Buffett

The best time to purchase anything is when there is a sale or discount. Therefore whenever a market-wide correction happens all business will be affected, even those that are operating very efficiently. If you just look around you'll be able to see a lot of solid big cap company being sold at a bargain right now. Big Canadian Blue Chip such as Fortis, Enbridge, Bell are all selling at a discount right now. My advice will be don't invest all at once, spread your investment out since you don't know if it'll go higher or lower. By Investing at a consistent and regular interval you'll be less affected by market volatility. 

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