Asset Management: Putting your money to work!

Assets management is an important skill you must learn during your journey. You must develop the mindset of money as your workers, and you are their manager. Just like at any job, the manager gives tasks for workers to perform. Therefore you must do the same thing with your money.

A fundamental problem with the way a lot of people manage money is that they allow their workers to be idle. They let their money sit in a savings account or have too much of their money tied up to their house. By doing so, it makes your money unproductive and lazy, so as a good manager, you need to reassign them to a new task so they can work hard for you.
Let's use the house as an example, and I've posted before on why I think your house should not be a large part of your total assets. When a significant portion of your assets is tied up in your home, not only are they unproductive, they also start demanding an upkeep cost for their idleness. I am talking about more property tax, utility cost, and maintenance. I genuinely believe that having your house make up for less than 25% of your assets is the way to go. I am personally working towards building up other asset class while avoiding buying a more expensive house. At the end of the day, to be financially independent, you need your assets to generate income that you can live on. A house won't produce income for you to pay for the bills required for owning that house.

If you are like me and have your house make up for a significant portion of your assets, then start taking steps to balance out your asset allocation. Start putting your money to work in places like the stock market or other types of investment.

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