Neighbour Joe - June 2017 Net Worth

Here is my monthly update for June 2017. For those that are new here, I recently started my journey to financial freedom and I am using this blog as a way to track my progress. Here was my net worth last month. This month was very eventful, my son was born at the beginning of the month. I've been busy learning how to be a dad so didn't spend much time on my personal finance. I am also in the process of relocating for work, so hopefully by next month I'll be able to sell my current house.

Chequing: $776.65
TFSA Investment: $29,852.41
TFSA Mutual Fund: $3,630.83
Real Estate: $250,000

*Automobile is not included as I feel it depreciate too fast and will give a misrepresentation of my true net worth

Mortgage: $163,042.62
LOC: $12,076.33

*Credit Card is not included as it is paid in full every month

Last Month Net Worth
: $104,343.24 
Current Net Worth: $108,870.94 (+4%)

My Net Worth went up mostly because of my investment. Currently, about 50% of my investment portfolio is invested into (TSX:SHOP) which had a strong earning report at the beginning of the month. I wasn't able to figure out the current worth of my pension this month. I will try to find out this month and update you guys next month.

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