Thrifty Salaryman - November Net Worth Update

The market improved a bit in October and so as some of my investment in Index fund. Some of my stocks are not doing as good though. I’ve increase my RSP e-Series index fund investment to about $18.5K to take advantage of its lower management fee. My liability also increased due to a high number of annual expenses.

My current net worth is now $50,227.24, an increase of 13% from my September update.

Cash $4,921.29

Investment $50,568.86:
$22,631.45 - Equity (Corporate Stock) - TD Direct Investing TFSA
$5,521.31 - Canadian Index Fund - RBC TFSA Mutual Fund Account - MER 0.72%
$18,674.88 - Canadian Bond Fund - TD e-Series RSP Mutual Fund Account - MER 0.50%
$2,497.40 - US Equity Index Fund - Employer Pension Plan - MER 0.15%
$1,243.82 - Canada Equity Index Fund - Employer RRSP - MER 0.15%


$5,262.91 - Credit Card Balance (Still within grace period)

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