Neighbour Joe - January 2018 Net Worth

Happy New Year. Although this month is the beginning of a new calendar year it is not the end of the fiscal year therefore I won't be doing a year end summary till April.

As we entered into 2018, the first thing I did was make a lump sum payment into my mortgage with money that I have set aside. Here is my net worth as of today and the current breakdown.

Chequing: 433.41
TFSA Investment: $57,333.46
TFSA Mutual Fund: $3,840.08 (Invested in TD e-series index fund)
Real Estate: $224,000 (Purchase Price of my house)
Define Benefit Work Pension (Current Transfer Value): ~$153,000 (Last checked in Jul 2017,aprox $1000 a month of contribution)

*Automobile is not included (No monthly car payment)

Mortgage: $135,126.07

*Credit Card is paid in full every month

December Net Worth: $300,758.74 
Current Net Worth $303,480.88 (+0.9%)

Like a few net worth updates in 2017, the reason for my increase this months beside my usual salary income is from my investment portfolio. I re-consolidated all my marijuana investment and put it all into Canopy Growth (TSX: WEED). In the the last two weeks of 2017 the stock price jumped 48% giving me a unrealized gain of $3,540. I sold some of my holdings and realized about $350 gain on the last trading day of 2017. Hope all of you had a good holiday season and may all your financial goal be met in 2018.

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