Neighbour Joe - Current Investment Portfolio

Today I am going to a quick summary of my investment portfolio. The last time I posted about my portfolio was back in 2017, shortly after this blog started. In the past two years, I have read a lot of books about investing and my current strategy is very different from what I posted in 2017. My current strategy is based on the focus value investing embraced by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Basically, you find a good company that is undervalued and you go heavy on it. Your portfolio should be focused so that you maximize the gain from your winners. Personally, I am trying to keep a portfolio of around 10 companies. Here is a picture of my current portfolio.

Most of my holdings are dividend paying company with a few growth companies. A majority of the company are big and well-known because, in my opinion, it indicates that it is a successful and established company. Feel free to use my portfolio as a starting point to build your own wealthy portfolio, just make sure to do your own research.

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