Neighbour Joe - September 2019 Net Worth

Here is my net worth for September 2019.

Chequing: $2,009.60
Savings: $2,010.53
TFSA Investment: $96,040.11(Market Value)
RESP: $2,804.00 (Market Value)
Real Estate: $224,000 (Purchase Price of my house)

Real Estate Rental Property: $200,000 (Purchase Price of the house)
*Define Benefit Work Pension (Transfer Value): ~$153,000 (Last checked in Jul 2017,aprox $1000 a month of contribution)

*Have not been updated since the start of this blog.
**Automobile is not included (No monthly car payment)

Mortgage: $119,864

Rental Mortgage: $196,235

*Credit Card is paid in full every month

Last Net Worth Update: $359,147.97
Current Net Worth: $363,765.24 (+1.29%)

Passive Income
TFSA Passive Income: $3,365.42/Year or $280.45/Month (TFSA only, RESP and rental property not included)

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