About Thrifty Salaryman

Hi everyone, I am the Thrifty Salaryman. I am married, currently have no children, and live in the biggest city in Canada. With an Engineering background, I enjoy analyzing numbers and eventually developed an interest in analyzing financial data related to the stock market. Upon graduation from University a few years ago, I had my shot at the startup arena, but never got as successful as some of the big tech startup companies. My attempt in being my own boss put me into a very bad financial position, so I decided to go back to working for a multinational corporation, and maybe trying again later in my life.

The goal of this blog is to track my journey into financial freedom from having a net worth of just $27,000 in year 2017. $27,000 is only my net worth without including my wife's.

I believe achieving financial freedom within 10 years can be done because it is all about smart financial decision making. (I haven't verified the calculation yet so we might have to revisit this goal at a later time.) The main objective of this blog is to show my reader the impact and outcome of every financial decision I’ll make. If it’s a good decision, I hope I’ll help you do the same. If its a bad decision, I hope I'l help you make a better one.

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