Neighbour Joe - Starting Net Worth

My journey actually began when I was first employed at my very first job. But that was a while ago, and no one wants to hear how I swept garbage off the floor. Therefore, I am going to mark today, April 1st, 2017, as the official start to my journey. I am going to show you my balance sheet and use this as a base line for measuring progress. Please don't let my wife know how much money I've been saving up.

Cash: $400
Savings: $5
TFSA Investment: $24,000
TFSA Mutual Fund: $3,500
Real Estate: $260,000

Mortgage: $163,000
LOC: $12,000 

Net Worth
: ~$113,300

My net worth is probably lower since I didn't account for the cost of debt servicing (i.e interest on debt) in my liabilities. I am going to leave it out for now just to simplify things, but remember that debt servicing is a huge liability that you need to be mindful of. I have also left out my vehicle as an asset because it depreciates really fast, so it will become irrelevant down the road.

As you can see, all of my savings is currently invested. Some might argue that it is not a good idea, but I have a stable job with a very low risk of lay-offs. In my situation, I am comfortable investing all of my savings, but you'll need to decide on your personal comfort level.

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