Becoming wealthy in one simple sentence.

I recently read this post on www.esimoney.com and figured I share it here. I personally embrace this simple philosophy along with a lot of other wealthy people. I love how to author kept it simple and straight to the point.
"Earn, save, and invest as much as you can for as long as you can."
Then he shared this picture along with his post.


  1. The best advice I've found was from the Connly Report:

    If a company does not pay a dividend, don't buy it. If it doesn't grow its dividend, don't buy it either.
    Those comments allowed us to obtain financial freedom, especially as we didn't have any DB pension. We are now 2/3 way to achieving your long term income goal.

    1. Congrats on your achievement, that's really impressive that you are able to generate that much passive income. Thanks for your comment and I myself love passive income as well. I will keep that advice in mind when moving forward with my investment. :)

  2. Thanks, you have a great advantage over most and the chance of achieving your goal without a $6Mil portfolio. I certainly don't have even a $2Mil. Again I owe my success to Connolly and his advice. I wish I had followed it more closely, but like many I chose some for yield, others because I thought they would provide both income and growth even though they had a short history. In the end I cut back considerably on my holdings and stuck with just those with average yield and average growth. Slow & steady...